LinkNotes (patent pending) make it easy to link your real world notes to your online stuff. Each LinkNote is a sticky note with a preprinted unique QR code that allows the user to link it to any item online (e.g. web page, video, photo, etc).

Linking online items to your notes is simple using your smartphone or tablet and our web apps. You can share your LinkNotes with others and even collect their responses when they use their smartphones and scan the QR codes.

LinkeNotes opens a world of opportunity to add more meaning to your notes and bring your online experiences to the real world. LinkNotes will revolutionize the sticky note industry and change how we all plan, collaborate and share by combining seamlessly our real and online worlds.

LinkNotes are perfect when collaborating in groups during brainstorming and planning sessions. We’ve all used sticky notes to jot down our ideas and stick them on the wall for others to review and expand upon. LinkNotes puts this process in overdrive by giving you the power to add more meaning to your thoughts with follow-up online content. You just scan your LinkNote with your smartphone and link your online content. Others can scan your LinkNote later and view or comment about your idea.